Application of biologically inspired engineering as industry 5.0 tool to create a good organisational structure

  • 1 International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


In this article, it will present you how a bionics technique as technical solutions of Industry 5.0 from nature leads managers to creation a good organisational structure. Industry 5.0 penetrates into the very essence of human existence and the relationship to machinesand automated processes. It is not possible to consider the new industrial revolution without mentioning the more recent scientific disciplinecalled “bionics”. What is bionics? “Bionics would be a return to nature with the aim of finding solutions to technical problems. Thedevelopment of bionics is the key concepts of Industry 5.0 [1].
Bionics is a tool for solving problems in the conceptual and applied phases of design. The goal of bionics is to use biological inspiration in designing organisational structure that mimic the behaviour of living organisms. There are many characteristics that can identify a bionic mechanism. One of the abilities is to work independently in complex environments, can adapt to unplanned and unpredictable changes and perform multi-functional tasks. In every organization, it is most important to know who has the highest authority. Nature offers examples of organizations of other living beings that are effective and work without control, without leaders, without instructions, yet everyone in this organization knows what to do. In this article, the efficiency and working efficiency of insects such as ants in order to create a good organisational structure has been studied.



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