Conceptual design and 3D modeling of a microfluidic device for liver cells investigation

  • 1 Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev, Sofia, Bulgaria


The cell engineering is one of the most developing fields during the last decade needing specially fabricated polymer microfluidic devices and systems. One of the main functionalities of the microfluidic devices is to mimic the in-vivo environment where the cells and tissue live. The various types in-vitro microfluidic devices and systems could replace the experiments with animals in the biomedical investigations. The aim of this publication is 3D modeling and simulation of a microfluidic device for liver cells investigation. Suitable materials could be used with main properties related with fully transparency and bio-compatibility of the selected polymers. A new technology for development of the microfluidic device will be proposed, incorporating a thin layer of liver cells for investigation of their behavior during treatment with different substances. The conceptual work principle of the developed bio-chip will be presented. The future investigations, related to the fabrication of a real physical prototype and research experiments will be mentioned briefly in conclusions.



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