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    • Mathematical modeling in psychology

      pg(s) 149-151

      The development and use of mathematical models is of great importance not only in the research field, but also in the practical field. Mathematical research in psychology is based on the construction of an image of the studied object or group of objects, fixing the basic properties and relationships. The complexity lies in the heterogeneous nature of individuals, in the diversity of their behavioral characteristics, interests, and features of social behavior. Statistical models can be divided into separate groups; models that consider processes that affect individual behavior at the micro level, that is, at the level of low-level human thinking processes; meso-level models; macro-level models that consider and predict general trends in the behavior of people in a group, for example, in a crowd.


    • Quality evaluation of the welded joints made by robotic welding

      pg(s) 152-154

      This paper presents the results of an investigation aimed at evaluating the geometric and material characteristics of welds, such as dimensions, shape, pores, cracks and other imperfections. An automated weld inspection workstation has been designed which includes suitable sensors, equipment and software solutions for data acquisition and processing. Tests were performed on selected welds to determine the material superheat and weld quality.

    • Testing of Innovative Composite Wall/Ceiling Panel

      pg(s) 155-158

      The company Tehnoplast profili d.o.o. from Zagreb, in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Rijeka and the company Palijan d.o.o. from Zagreb, is conducting a scientific research project dealing with buildings of near-zero energy produced in an industrial way. The construction system of these buildings consists of ceiling and wall panels, which are integrated into the building’s construction system. The structural wall/ceiling panels consist of external gypsum-fibreboard, thin-walled steel structure in the panel core and polymer foam in between. To enable the practical application of the innovative wall/ceiling panel system as a load-bearing structural element, the design model based on the comprehensive experimental and numerical investigation must be defined. In the research presented in this paper the performance of the composite wall/ceiling panels and the steel core wall/ceiling structure during out-of-plane to failure tests is shown.

    • Evaluation of the Erythrocyte Aggregation Index in Women With Preeclampsia by the Usage of the Microfluidic Device And Specially Developed Rheological Software

      pg(s) 159-163

      In this pilot study, microfluidic flow analysis and atomic force microscopy (AFM), are used, to determine microrheological properties of the blood – aggregation, and deformability of erythrocytes in women with preeclampsia (PE). The aggregation of red blood cells (RBCs) is evaluated with the microfluidic system BioFlux, by applying an experimental approach and image analysis created by the authors of this study. The elastic properties of erythrocytes are defined by Young’s modulus, using AFM. The aggregation index of erythrocytes and their elastic modulus are statistically significantly increased in patients with PE, in comparison to healthy normotensive pregnant women. In addition, it is found that the RBCs are less deformable and the interaction between them in aggregates is stronger in women with preeclampsia as compared with healthy pregnant women.

    • Absorbable Dressings Manufactured of Tropocollagen with Nanodiamonds

      pg(s) 164-165

      The aim of this research is to obtain nanodiamonds-containing collagen sponges (lyophilisates) for wound healing. The purpose is to create an antimicrobial barrier on the dressing based on active tropocollagen. The research problem in this task is the use of antibacterial properties of nanodiamonds to modify new collagen-based materials being the products of this investigations.

    • Anomalies in the Earth rotation and Syzygies in Perigee

      pg(s) 166-168

      In 2022 the Erath rotation velocity reached its maximum and in 2017-2020 the Chandler wobble of the rotational axis disappeared for the second time in the history of observations. Unexplained modulations of 90 and 20-25 year periods are observed. They reflect geophysical processes in the atmosphere, ocean, and Earth’s interior and can be linked to climate. It is important to understand their causes and predict them for navigation etc. We found out, that the orientation of the lunar orbital plain and position of perigee revolves in such manner, that their mutual positions repeat with 90-year semi-periods at the minimum of the Chandler wobble. At the same time synodic period of syzygies in perigee (every 412 days) with respect to the position of the Chandler pole (433 days) rotates within ~22-23 years. We have collected arguments in favor of the hypothesis that the mass flows and redistribution within the Earth systems under the influence of apsidal-nodal effects of luni-solar tide could be responsible for the above mentioned modulations in the Earth rotation.


    • Web-based Business Process Management System

      pg(s) 169-172

      The report presents a developed Web-based information system for managing business processes. The system includes system design and development, database design and development, and Web interface design. A special encryption algorithm was used to generate the key. The main purpose is to provide protection, both at the system’s entrance and during data transfer and storage. For the web platform, the main protections are 1) Control of access to the system by filling in a username and password, individual for each external user; 2) Ensuring protection of input data by irreversible hashing of the password with a randomly generated key from the system; 3) Using resource protection i.e. without authorization it is not possible to review and change the information in the database 4) Using of special unique
      identifiers to access the database information; 5) Using a token to send requests to the API.

    • Application of Innovation in the Event Tourism in Azerbaijan

      pg(s) 173-174

      The role of event tourism in Azerbaijan is increasing each year slightly by taking place in sports events, festivals, musical competitions, and tourism fairs. Since 2012 when Eurovision Song Contest was held in Baku, Azerbaijan has become one of the event centers in the world. As the number of events held in Baku increases, tourist arrivals also increase slightly. By mentioning event tourism, festivals, seminars, meeting events, and some other events are taken into consideration.
      As different events are held in Azerbaijan every year, there is a huge need for the application of innovative approaches. In this article, different innovation examples, as well as the impact of event tourism have been researched

    • Bulgaria’s long journey from consumer to producer of energy equipment

      pg(s) 175-177

      The development of energy in our country is one of the good examples, thanks to which it can be claimed that Bulgaria is growing into an industrial country. The study of the stages in this development shows a different attitude towards this industry during the first half of the previous century and then, until the end of the socialist period. Until the middle of the century, energy was extremely underestimated as an area on which the general industrial growth depended, it was neglected financially as a secondary area, for which the differences remained from investments in other directions. A quite natural consequence of this was the weak technical training of the intelligentsia and the inability to develop its own energy production, which led to technological dependence on more developed countries. After the middle of the century, a reversal is noticeable, thanks to which the negative trends are abandoned. There are results that speak for the prioritization of
      energy policy.
      In addition to being singled out as a separate industry, the energy industry also robs the largest capital funds. The leading understanding is that without the development of energy, there would be no development at all. Undoubtedly, Bulgaria’s great achievements in engineering, metallurgy, transport and other industrial sectors would not have been possible without the successful development of the Bulgarian energy industry.


    • Intellectual factor of the new economy: Formation features

      pg(s) 178-181

      The new economy requires the creation of a methodology for training a new type of worker – a “knowledge worker”, whose activities will ensure the innovative development of business entities and social security of workers for a comfortable and safe life. An innovatively receptive specialist with pronounced creative thinking during the formation of a new economy and its subsequent sustainable functioning with a characteristic vector of social development has the intellectual potential for the development and practical use of highly effective innovations that ensure the achievement of strategic goals declared at the state level. To form such a specialist, it is necessary to transform methodological approaches to the intellectual support of educational processes, professional activities and advanced training based on the concept of “lifelong education” (“education through life”).
      The features of the functioning and development of the domestic education system in the context of the requirements of the state strategy for sustainable economic development are considered. The need to improve methodological approaches to the educational process with an increase in research and socio-humanitarian components is shown. Education in all forms of its manifestation like as a target process or self-learning is a systemic process in which professional skills and abilities are an important, but not a determining component of a harmonious member of society, which, through its activities, contributes to its progressive development. The fundamental goal of education is to form a harmonious personality, in which the talents laid down at the gene level are manifested and developed to the full extent in adequate accordance with moral criteria based on universal human values and national mentality.

    • Influence of environmental factors of long-term operation and effectiveness of SMFC-based biosensors for heavy metal polluted waters

      pg(s) 182-185

      Sediment microbial fuel cells are relatively new devices, originally designed to generate electricity from the degradation of organic matter in the soil by microorganisms. Currently, SMFC-based biosensors are attracting scientific interest as new and promising devices for rapid real-time monitoring of water quality and water pollutants. Compared with conventional biosensors, SMFC-based biosensors show advantages such as low cost, simple design, and the possibility of IN SITU operation and self-powered monitoring. SMFCbased biosensors are expected to be used for remote environmental monitoring, therefore evaluating their long-term performance is crucial for their usability. In this paper, we present new data needed to establish the long-term performance of SMFC based biosensors. The present study presents the effect of various environmental factors such as temperature, pH and microbial activity on the performance and effectiveness of the SMFC based biosensor for monitoring water contaminated with heavy metals. The results show stable long-term performance of these devices under various environmental conditions.

    • Personal noise exposure level and the impact on the employee’s performance in the automotive industry

      pg(s) 186-189

      In today’s demanding market environment the companies need to deliver high quality product to their customers and in parallel to maintain an ergonomic workplace for their employees to increase the productivity. The purpose of this paper is determination of the personal noise exposure level caused by the machines and equipment installed in all organization units in an auto part production plant. The noise level was measured and analysed with noise measurements equipment – dosimeters and software tool at 25 measurement points across the plant. In addition, the strength between the variables, noise levels and concentration, is presented with correlation coefficient.

    • State and characteristics of the vehicle fleet of Montenegro with special reference to fuel consumption and electric vehicles

      pg(s) 190-192

      It is very important to know the trends related to the structure and condition of the vehicle fleet, to be able to predict the structure of the vehicle fleet in the future. In Montenegro, it is noticed that there is a constant increase in the number of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The share of BEVs in the vehicle fleet of Montenegro is too small to have any significant impact on CO2 emissions as well as the power system. The pandemic COVID-19 virus had a great impact on the number of registered as well as the number of newly registered vehicles. Practically, in 2020, the year of the pandemic, only an increase in the number of BEVs was recorded. It is very worrying that the number of vehicles using diesel fuel is increasing, which can be a complicating factor in efforts to reduce the negative impact of road traffic on the environment.

    • Trend Analysis of Using of Green Energies in Georgia until 2040

      pg(s) 193-197

      The main sources of green energy (GE) as the cleanest form of energy or types of renewable energy sources (RES) are: wind, water, sun and earth. While the world, especially in the most developed countries of the world, has advanced far in the application of various forms of green energy (GE), in Georgia this field is in its infancy and it is not possible to predict when the first major positive developments in this field will be made. The paper presents the forecast and trend analysis of the use of green energy (GE) in Georgia until 2040. According to the data on the plans of the state authorities of Georgia for the development and use of various forms of green energy (GE), the highest forecast growth of the development of these types of energy is expected in the field of wind energy (WE) until 2025 with a value of
      CAGR of 154.82 [%].