Mathematical modeling in psychology

  • 1 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Candidate of Legal Sciences, lecturer. St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications named after Prof. M.A.Bonch-Bruevich, St. Petersburg College of Telecommunications named after E. T. Krenkel. Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The development and use of mathematical models is of great importance not only in the research field, but also in the practical field. Mathematical research in psychology is based on the construction of an image of the studied object or group of objects, fixing the basic properties and relationships. The complexity lies in the heterogeneous nature of individuals, in the diversity of their behavioral characteristics, interests, and features of social behavior. Statistical models can be divided into separate groups; models that consider processes that affect individual behavior at the micro level, that is, at the level of low-level human thinking processes; meso-level models; macro-level models that consider and predict general trends in the behavior of people in a group, for example, in a crowd.



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