Anomalies in the Earth rotation and Syzygies in Perigee

  • 1 Institute of Electronics and Mathematics National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia; Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia


In 2022 the Erath rotation velocity reached its maximum and in 2017-2020 the Chandler wobble of the rotational axis disappeared for the second time in the history of observations. Unexplained modulations of 90 and 20-25 year periods are observed. They reflect geophysical processes in the atmosphere, ocean, and Earth’s interior and can be linked to climate. It is important to understand their causes and predict them for navigation etc. We found out, that the orientation of the lunar orbital plain and position of perigee revolves in such manner, that their mutual positions repeat with 90-year semi-periods at the minimum of the Chandler wobble. At the same time synodic period of syzygies in perigee (every 412 days) with respect to the position of the Chandler pole (433 days) rotates within ~22-23 years. We have collected arguments in favor of the hypothesis that the mass flows and redistribution within the Earth systems under the influence of apsidal-nodal effects of luni-solar tide could be responsible for the above mentioned modulations in the Earth rotation.



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