Fabrication of a sensor-based connected device for IoT applications

  • 1 Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Hiroshima, Japan
  • 2 Hiroshima International University, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan
  • 3 Institute of electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria


We report the results of measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations 140 times a day in habitable spaces using Sigfox along with temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure measurements. We design and fabricate a printed circuit board to integrate the sensor with an Arduino processor. Using the developed sensor, we estimate that if one adult male performs light work for 1 h in a typical living room [3.17 m (width 3.17 m) × 7.4 m (length 7.4 m) × 2.6 m (height 2.6 m) = volume 61.4 m3], the carbon dioxide CO2 concentration will increase by approximately 200 ppm. In the future, the developed sensor could be used for detailed human behavior studies in the context of CO2 concentrations.



  2. Avogadro: an open-source molecular builder and visualization tool. Version 1.XX.

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