Environmentally Friendly Material Used in Building Construction: Wood-Cement Briquette for Earthquake Zones

  • 1 Department of Wood Mechanics and Technology, Forestry Faculty, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Bahcekoy, Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey


This study presented a sustainable construction material, wood-cement briquette, for construction indust. Wood-cement briquette has significant advantages as compared to the traditional cement briquettes such as lower carbon footprint, lower cost, easy production, environmental friendliness, sustainability. Wood-cement briquettes have a good thermal insulation and sound insulation than traditional briquettes. In addition to wood, other lignocellulosic materials such as hemp and flax can be also used in the producrion. Especially, it is a better material for buildings located in earthaqure -prone areas because the relatively elastic structrure of wood makes it a good material in regions prone to seismic activity. Wood-cement briquettes are suitable material for single or dublex buildings. It is estimated that its use will considerably increase in construction industry in near future. This study, characteristics of raw materials used in wood-cement briquette, the physical and mechanical properties and potential uses of wood-cement briquettes are given in this review study.



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