Calculation of telescopic-boom bending stress capacity using fem software, in support of project logistics decisions

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania


Complex structural steel structure projects must be realized with the aid of specialized logistical technologies to meet all the design technical specifications. Selecting which equipment to employ, particularly when we need to elevate heavy structural steel components at an elevation higher than 8 meters, requires not only experience and the use of standard techniques for the logistic management of construction processes but also requires stress capacity calculations of the constituent elements of the machines that we will use for the implementation of the project. An indispensable machine for the realization of steel structures is the telescopic forklift, which serves to lift steel elements at different heights and positions, for a relatively long time, to assemble structure elements such as columns, trusses, beams, automated cranes, etc. In this paper, we have designed a telescopic forklift and calculated the stress capacity of the structural elements that compound the telescopic-boom, using the finite element software (FEM) Solid Works. Carrying out simulations with the corresponding load that we have to deal with in the realization of the project, allows us to change the section thickness of the telescopic boom or to use other logistic equipment with a higher capacity.



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