Expanding the Capabilities of Data Transmission Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Multi-Channel Communication Systems

  • 1 Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


The article, been a continuation of previous studies, proposes and analyzes one of the ways to increase the efficiency of multichannel communication systems through the simultaneous use of several derivative systems of Walsh functions with different generating functions, which are necessary for constructing pseudo-random sequences (PSR). These sequences, in turn, are used as spreading codes when generating noise-like signals in multi-channel data transmission systems with channel separation (SDMA) according to the signal shape or code. The correlation properties of the PSR are studied and it is shown that, in the contrast of the known ones, the proposed approach makes it possible to increase the number of channels in the system without increasing the channel bandwidth that improves the efficiency of a multi-channel communication system.



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