• 1 Faculty of Management, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria


Ontology is a broadly established tool for modelling of context information. Such researches have been carried out in many diverse areas for numerous purposes particularly in the e-Employment domain. A closer look on a current work of such domain of ontologies such as e-Recruitment is taken into account in this article. Ontology application for e-Recruitment is becoming an important task for matching job postings and applicants semantically in a Semantic web technology using ontology.

This paper aims to optimize and enhance e-Recruitment processes in the domain of IT staffing services, and especially e-Recruitment processes that use Web platforms as means of sourcing candidates. The model is a response to a number of categories of requirements, ranging from the semantic to the performance of software at runtime. The successful starting point of a flourishing model must be an ontological analysis of the processes of e-Recruitment delivery, seen as a scientific problem-solving process. Through such approach a classification of types of e-Recruitment information is developed. Then a hierarchical ontology schema is examined, including domain ontology and set of application and task ontologies.


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