Similarities between natural limestone filler and artificial bf slag filler used for the preparation of asphalt mixtures

  • 1 Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services, Iasi, Romania


In Romania, one of the most used filler for the preparation of asphalt mixtures are limestone filler. This is due to the limi ted requirements of the Romanian standards which impose precisely what kind of materials should be used to prepare asphalt mixtures, compared to the European standards who tempt to request physical-mechanical characteristics of the designed material. Its components can be chosen based on required specification.
Considering these conditions, the usage of bf slag filler seems as good as the usage of limestone filler to obtain the same characteristics of asphalt mixtures.
Bf slag filler and limestone filler has similar properties and behaves similarly in asphalt mixtures. The study presents the similarities between these two types of filler, an artificial one obtained at the Liberty Galati steel plant, and a natural one, obtained in Arsita – Iacobeni quarry. Both can be used as a construction material in Romania, but the usage of artificial material is not quite common yet. This study presents the characteristics of fillers, both as a potential use in asphalt mixture formula.
To declare de values, bf slag was crushed in laboratory. The same tests were performed on filler and the obtained values were declared in accordance with the SR EN 13043:2008 standard.



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