Comparison of different position controllers implemented with a Beckhoff controller and TwinCAT 3 software

  • 1 University of Maribor, Faculty of Technical Engineering


Achieving the required dynamics and accuracy of movement of electromechanical linear axes is one of the basic tasks in the field of modern production machines and devices. In addition to a sufficiently powerful electric motor, e.g. electric servomotor, the appropriate controller and control concept also play a key role. As the top performance of the electromechanical axle controller is still a key feature of efficient and quality production, this topic is discussed in this paper.
At the forefront of the paper are the development and implementation of various position controllers developed in the Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 environment. In addition to the classic PID controller already available in the Beckhoff software, a special PID controller has been developed in the Matlab / Simulink environment, as well as a Fuzzy controller and a Feedforward control strategy. For all mentioned types of controllers, the basic characteristics, design approach and parameterization of the controllers are presented. The efficiency of individual position controllers on an industrial-type electromechanical linear axis, driven by an electric servomotor, was tested experimentally and the results are compared.
The efficiency of these closed loop controllers was also tested in terms of robustness and ability to adapt to changes in the control loop, where a different load of moving mass was used as a characteristic change in the control loop.



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