A study on the external factors affecting the work of the project manager during the execution of the construction investment process


The topic of the Report is a study of external factors affecting the work of the project manager in the implementation of the construction investment process.
For the needs of the current development, a pilot study was organized and conducted by means of a survey, the purpose of which is to collect primary information regarding influencing factors on the activity of the project manager.
The partic target group of respondents are employees from the construction industry, holding various management positions in the defined companies – managers, project managers, technical managers, etc.
Various construction sites were visited and surveys conducted accordingly, both in Sofia and in the country. The companies themselves are randomly selected.
The results of the study will be presented in the report



  1. Yatchko Ivanov, Ana Yanakieva - THE PLAN FOR EUROPE’S RECOVERY AND STABILITY AND THE CONSTRUCTION BRANCH - XII International Scientific Conference „Civil Engineering Design and Construction“ 2022, Varna,Bulgaria ISSN 2603-4255

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