Ways to stimulate the development of sustainable entrepreneurship

  • 1 Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia


Sustainable entrepreneurship development meaning is a big challenge for scientific society and demands cooperation strengthening with entrepreneurs , princely states with structures and with youth who influence they make sustainable development in a new way on understanding and they need innovative approaches .
In this paper we have reviewed and investigated sustainable entrepreneurship development stimulates economic , social and environment dimensions which they form various prerequisites and certain circumstances are filled each other and hand promote in country sustainable entrepreneurial activity high level . It is important that countries they took obligation priority to be granted to advance , for which creativity, knowledge, technology and financial resources of society by addressed will be Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs to achieve all in context . This goals taking into account , by 2030 possible should to become all of a woman and of men complete and productive employment and decent of work achievement.
It is emphasized that countries should support the development of higher education, especially to increase the staff of higher professional education by expanding the educational balance, by increasing the financing of education for sustainable development, for the existence of more knowledgeable and qualified personnel.



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