Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 9 (2015), Issue 11, pg(s) 3-6

    Various designs of equipment used in heat treatment furnaces are presented. The equipment is assembled from components varying in shape and size. In this case study it is composed of castings only. Castings are made from creep-resistant alloys, mainly cast austenitic steel and nickel alloys, using gravity poured sand molds. The design should allow for the simultaneous solidification of all thin-walled cast parts. The study focuses on the equipment for the heat treatment of parts of uncommon shape and size, or parts that require special heat treatment conditions. It is used for the charge formation in furnace and transport of this charge inside and outside the furnace. Different designs are illustrated. Their shape and size depends on the type of furnace, production volume, and the number and shape of heat-treated parts.