Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 10 (2016), Issue 2, pg(s) 39-42

    The present paper illustrates the current state of affairs for most organizations involved in the sphere of Information technologies that run or strive to run projects in accordance with applicable ISO standards and CMMI. This paper presents the target state of affairs and its design with used technologies. Reaching the goal state is summarized by serialization of metamodels in XML, mapping/parsing of metamodels (in XML) to OWL2 DL (RL profile) ontologies (written/exchangeable in RDF/XML), storages of these semantic metamodels and models (ontologies/semantic data) in advanced RDBMSs with support of ontologies, R2RML mapping of existing project-related relational data to semantic data and storage of semantic data in semantic stores hosted in existing RDBMSs or migration to such ones, extraction of non-relational project-related data and mapping of these logical models to a physical (relational) model and integration in RDBMSs to centralize all project-related data all governed by the defined vocabularies (ontologies of CMMI for Development and ISO 15504/ 12207). Achieving the goal state enables stakeholders to query and infer from project-related semantic data to manage, analyze and assess projects against underlaying standards. Through commonly-accepted adapters, semantic data, metamodels and models are exposed to external applications.