• Methodology of evaluation of environmental and technological properties of the mobile energy machine

    Mechanization in agriculture & Conserving of the resources, Vol. 64 (2018), Issue 4, pg(s) 114-116

    The method of estimation of technological properties of a mobile power tool is presented in the work taking into account the index of its ecological properties. The results of the expert survey are presented to determine the importance of individual indicators in the evaluation of the generalized indicator of the environmental and technological properties of the mobile energy means. Increasing the informativeness of the methodology for evaluating the technological properties of a mobile power tool by taking into account the generalized index of its environmental properties. The structure of the index of environmental properties of depends on the assignment of the estimated energy source and the purpose of the problem to be solved. In our opinion, with a comparative assessment of energy resources as a unit one can adopt the following indicators of their environmental properties. The obtained result shows that today it is more relevant to assess the technogenic impact of a mobile energy facility on the environment than the cost of its implementation unit of work. And with this conclusion, one can not disagree, since the neglect of the impact on the environment in the near future can nullify the economic profit from the production of agricultural products. The evaluation of the importance of individual indicators for a generalized indicator of the ecological properties of a mobile power tool, according to the results of a survey of experts, showed that the most impact is the index of soil consolidation, then mechanical destruction of soil, composition of exhaust gases, pollution of operating fluids, noise, vibration and least impact is a layout diagram of the power tool. The analysis of these indicators allows us to determine which structural-technological or regime parameters of the energy source and to what extent influence the general indicator of its environmental properties. And the more deeply this analysis will be, the most accurate and successful will be proposed constructive-technological or regime measures to improve them.