• Aging of the ASC Whetlerite type gas mask carbons during storage and operation – overview

    Security & Future, Vol. 3 (2019), Issue 1, pg(s) 35-37

    Based on the experience from the storage and operation of the gas masks canisters and filter canisters for collective protection, an overview has been made of one of the main disadvantages of the gas mask carbons used of type ASC Whetlerite, the declining of their protective properties as a result of the “aging’ process. The “aging’ factors of the gas mask carbons have been considered and mechanisms adopted for deactivation of their active phases. It has been demonstrated that the inclusion of ТЕDА and derivatives of pyridine in the active phase of the gas mask carbons of the type ASC Whetlerite, only partially solves the problem with the increase of the robustness against “aging” in the conditions of increased atmospheric humidity in operation and storage and for the overall solution, gas mask carbons need to be developed based on impregnation compositions other than of the ASC Whetlerite.