Multipurpose virtual model of a human body and its utilization in the traffic safety

    Mathematical Modeling, Vol. 4 (2020), Issue 3, pg(s) 96-99

    The aim of this work is the implementation of the virtual hybrid human body model Virthuman into the pedestrian traffic collision scenarios. The pedestrians are the most vulnerable traffic road users and they are exposed to a high risk and suffer with serious injuries and responsible for high number of death and injuries. The interest of the study of simulation of a car crash accident is motivated by the effort to decrease these numbers. The authors use a virtual model of the full human body called Virthuman here. This model was built based on combination of two modelling approaches, particularly multibody and finite element. Such method is call a hybrid approach and keeps advantages of both principles. The model was fully validated against published experimental data (particular body segment tests as well as full body tests) and was successfully used in the number of applications. The purpose of this paper is to present the model as a suitable tool for pedestrian collision modelling and injury risk assessment. Besides the description of the model, the examples of the application towards pedestrian safety are going to be presented here.