Current state of research in the field of measures regarding the prevention and combat of the freeze-thaw phenomenon of roads from the patent literature

    Innovations, Vol. 9 (2021), Issue 2, pg(s) 83-86

    Patents for inventions in the field of measures for preventing and combating the freeze-thaw phenomenon of roads address a topic related to the evolution of technology. Of particular importance is the stabilization of the substrate of the road transport route. An invention (J. Hornegger, N. Zanfir, M. Alupoaie, 2012) relates to a mixture used for the substrate of access roads and / or platforms. This invention relates to another invention (Y. Kadono, T. Nakazato, E. Miura, T. Kitamura, 1975) about a paved roadbed composed of a lower roadbed layer, an intermediate layer made of sulfur, an upper roadbed layer and a surface top layer. Another invention (D. Lee, K. Hong-joo, 2016) relates to a repairing and reinforcing ultrarapid hardening mortar composition, and to a method for repairing and reinforcing a road surface. Another invention (M. Radu, F. Radu, L. V. Pasăre, I. A. Buzuriu, P. Pârvu, C. G. Mudreţchi, C. Răcănel, A. Burlacu, V. Tiron, 2018) relates to a process for preparing ecological composite asphaltic mixtures to be used as road structures.


    Intellectual Property Rights (patents): Essentials and innovative potential in wine industry

    Innovations, Vol. 8 (2020), Issue 1, pg(s) 25-28

    The aim of the paper is to explore what the influence of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) on the Modern economic growth is, whether there is a relationship between them, and what impact can patents have on the invention activity – positive, negative or both. It is going to explain the importance and association of technological progress with economic growth, the main goal and idea of IPRS, the way the system has been used in the period of the beginning of Modern economic growth, and research whether patents were the biggest incentive for inventors in this period as a whole and in wine industry in particular. The paper provides examples of the main European, United States and International patents available on wine production and preservation


    Radical innovations as a drive of Industrial Revolutions

    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 5 (2020), Issue 1, pg(s) 25-28

    The purpose of this publication is to elucidate the nature of radical innovations as drives of various industrial revolutions, as well as the conditions that led to their emergence. They incorporate substantially different technologies from existing ones and meet the needs of consumers in a new way and better than the current ones.
    This article will discuss factors that can be used to evaluate an innovation as radical. A new view of Industrial Revolution will be presented, explaining critical factors and their relation to sectors of production. An invention may lead to the production of a new, unknown product at a certain time or to the provision of an unknown service. The use of these unfamiliar products or services on the market is characterized as a radical innovation. Relevant radical innovations in turn lead to industrial revolutions. It is argued that a paradigm shift takes place and we call it Industrial Revolution.