Aequor Tracer: Traffic Analyzer for GPON Networks

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 6 (2021), Issue 6, pg(s) 215-217

    For many years, passive optical networks (PONs) have received a considerable amount of attraction regarding their potential for providing broadband connectivity for every user: from the customer’s point of view. However, Internet services providers (ISPs) must rely on producers of technologies to secure data. This article proposes additional opportunities to ensure data protection. PONs use their encapsulation method in optical domain transmissions. That is why it is necessary to solve security questions before optical line termination (OLT). When data are forwarded from the optical to the electrical domain, it is possible to evaluate time with dedicated hardware for optical networks. Own developed system can provide the following features: location of Internet protocol (IP) address, anomaly detection in traffic, ransomware detection based on similar behavior during data transmission, testing of defined address, usage of maps with defin ed IP ranges, providing all information on independent hardware via web page.