• The features of recrystallization of steels under laser action

    Materials Science. Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformations., Vol. 8 (2022), Issue 1, pg(s) 7-9

    The features of recrystallization of steels with different chemical composition and type of crystal lattice under laser action were investigated. These processes are of great importance in high-speed laser heating and cooling, as well as in the formation of the microstructure of steels under the influence of residual heat.
    It was found that recrystallization under laser action has signs of a dynamic process due to an increase in the dislocation density. In addition, the dislocation substructure of steel is inherited from the initial hot-deformed state. It is shown that the mechanism of laser recrystallization depends on the type of steel, chemical composition, and crystal lattice.
    In different steels, the development of primary, collective, and secondary recrystallization was observed. In this case, the change in the grain structure of steels took place against the background of an increased density of dislocations and the formation of a cellular dislocation substructure.