• Determining the biomotor abilities efficiency of the military academy cadets according to the nato standards for physical preparedness

    Security & Future, Vol. 3 (2019), Issue 2, pg(s) 48-49

    The world trend of armies that are suitably prepared from a physical point of view requires a proper and well prepared sport infrastructure and conditions for regular performance of physical activities. The NATO member states place great importance on the good physical preparedness, and for that reason they use unified system of standards that follow the physical fitness of the army members. As a result of the practical applicability of the NATO standards, the Army of the Republic of Macedonia uses this system to evaluate and assess the physical fitness and preparedness of the uniformed staff, the professional soldiers and the cadets. The study analyzes only the biomotor efficiency of the cadets of the Military Academy and their success in achieving the previously determined NATO requirements for physical preparedness. The results of the study show that, generally, the cadets have achieved high level of biomotor quality on the evaluation scale, and meet most of the previously determined criteria, however, there are also cadets who failed to pass the army physical fitness and preparedness test.