Methods of solving non-standard inequalities

    Mathematical Modeling, Vol. 4 (2020), Issue 2, pg(s) 51-53

    This article discusses the problems of teaching non-standard tasks at school. Currently, one of the main tasks of secondary schools is to identify creative thinking abilities of students and solve problems of their development. The report was identified as the main tool for developing students ‘ mental and thinking abilities. Problem solving is the most productive form of learning mathematics, and this process should be a necessary component of all extracurricular activities conducted in mathematics. Problems at the mathematical Olympiad are non-standard problems. Olympic tasks will usually help you learn a lot, find independent non-standard methods of solving problems. The high school curriculum provides for the use of the definition of inequality, proving using known inequalities, using the relationship between the arithmetic mean and geometric mean of positive numbers, and proving them using methods other than reverse-trip methods