Examples of nuclear security measures for nuclear facilities

    Security & Future, Vol. 5 (2021), Issue 2, pg(s) 51-54

    The lifetime of a nuclear facility extends from the earliest planning stages through to its decommissioning. It is important to consider nuclear security early in the design of new facilities and during partial redesigns or modifications, as it can result in nuclear security for these facilities that is more efficient, more effective and better integrated with other safety, safeguards, operational and other measures. Nuclear security measures are also important during commissioning and operation, they should not cease at decommissioning, as they are important in addressing the protection of the remaining quantities of nuclear material or other radioactive ma terial, which has accumulated during the operations stage.


    Developing the opportunities for building nuclear security

    Security & Future, Vol. 5 (2021), Issue 1, pg(s) 7-10

    The potential for criminal or intentional unauthorized acts involving or directed at nuclear or other radioactive material or their associated facilities and associated activities is an ongoing global concern. Because of their widespread use, nuclear and other radioactive materials are vulnerable to sabotage, or to being stolen, lost or acquired illegally by individuals or groups that may use th em for malicious purposes. The objective of a nuclear security regime is to prevent, detect and respond to nuclear security events, and to protect persons, property, society and the environment from harmful consequences associated with nuclear and other radioactive materials.