• Investigation of strength of thick-walled circular cylinder by using boundary value problems of elasticity

    Mathematical Modeling, Vol. 3 (2019), Issue 1, pg(s) 13-12

    The strength of a sufficiently long thick-walled homogeneous isotropic circular tube (cylinder) under the action of external forces is studied using the problems of elasticity statics. In particular, there are established the minimum thickness of pipes with different materials and with different diameters, for which do not exceed the permissible stresses values. Cylinder is in state of plane deformation, therefore are considered a two-dimensional boundary value problems for circular ring. Represented tables and graphs of minimum thickness of a circular ring when a) the normal constant stresses act at internal border, while the outer boundary is free of stresses and b) the normal constant stresses act at external border, while the inner boundary is free of stresses. To the numerical realization above mentioned problems are used solutions obtained by two means: the analytical solution obtained by method of separation of variables, and Lame’s solution.