• Anaklia deep-water port as a major factor of increasing the transit capacity of Georgia

    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 2, pg(s) 55-57

    Anaklia Port is Georgia’s first deep-water port. Anaklia is located on an important section of the Old Trade Road and represents a new
    Silk Road’s key transport point linking China to Europe. Anaklia Deepwater Port will be built in several stages, and the process consists of 9 phases. The port is being built on the area of 400 hectares, and its construction and development cost is $ 2.5 billion. The port’s capacity is 100 million tons per year.
    In the phase I, the capacity of the Anaklia deep-water port will reach 9.3 million tons. The first phase of the construction is planned to be completed by 2020, after which the port will have a capacity to handle ships of the panamax and post-panamx types. Anaklia Port will be able to become a leader in comparison with its competitors existing in the region, with the best road, rail and communications infrastructure and innovative equipment.



    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 3 (2018), Issue 4, pg(s) 169-170

    The development of agricultural service co-operatives in Ukraine is one of the priority directions of the state agricultural policy. The cooperation of small and medium-sized agricultural producers in the dairy, horticulture, vegetable and grain sectors is the key to not only economic, but also social development of rural areas. Increasing the competitiveness of farmers involves significant investments into infrastructure and technology, while the cooperative model enables farmers to receive high-quality technical and logistic services at affordable prices and with affordable start-up investments.