Matlab as a teaching, learning and motivating tool for engineering mathematics

    Mathematical Modeling, Vol. 4 (2020), Issue 2, pg(s) 42-44

    The present paper describes the fact that revised and pedagogically justifiable implementation of CAS systems (e.g. Matlab system) is a great contribution to teaching higher mathematics. It brings practical applications to mathematics teaching and thus enhances motivation and students’ interest in the discussed topic. The Computer Algebra System, popularly known as CAS, is a modern computing technology that provides great learning and teaching opportunities to both students as well as instructors. MATLAB is one of the most popular CAS programs that is widely used in mathematics classrooms especially at the university level. As more and more universities are adopting its use in education, it is necessary to study and analyze how the software could be used in teaching and learning of mathematics. It has been shown to be a technology that could be used for developing mathematical thinking, concepts and skills, and a source of motivating students for learning mathematics. It is also a very useful tool in demonstrating connections in various underlying mathematical concepts in the teaching and learning processes.