I4.0 Component Models based on IEC/EN 62264

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 6 (2021), Issue 5, pg(s) 181-184

    Laying the foundations on which to build the cyber-physical world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution comes down to creating a unified platform for transforming existing information solutions to ones, that meet the requirements and capabilities of the new integrated world. The RAMI 4.0 standard aims to introduce the concept of “asset” as part of the cyber -physical world, as well as to describe the hierarchical structure of assets in an industrial enterprise during their life-cycle. A similar purpose has another standard – IEC/EN 62264, which describes the operations resources as objects for integration of information between information systems of different h ierarchical levels, as well as models of operational activities for definitions, planning, execution and collecting and analyzing information on these resources.