Trend Analysis of Using of Green Energies in Georgia until 2040

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 8 (2023), Issue 5, pg(s) 193-197

    The main sources of green energy (GE) as the cleanest form of energy or types of renewable energy sources (RES) are: wind, water, sun and earth. While the world, especially in the most developed countries of the world, has advanced far in the application of various forms of green energy (GE), in Georgia this field is in its infancy and it is not possible to predict when the first major positive developments in this field will be made. The paper presents the forecast and trend analysis of the use of green energy (GE) in Georgia until 2040. According to the data on the plans of the state authorities of Georgia for the development and use of various forms of green energy (GE), the highest forecast growth of the development of these types of energy is expected in the field of wind energy (WE) until 2025 with a value of
    CAGR of 154.82 [%].