Simulation of the main components of a nuclear reactor under load, made of ultrafinegrained steel AISI-321 in the normal and irradiated state

  • 1 Rudny Industrial Institute, Rudny, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Karaganda Industrial University, Temirtau, Kazakhstan
  • 3 Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia


The creation and calculation of computer models of various products under load with the properties of UFG materials in the normal and irradiated state was performed. To model the UFG properties of non-irradiated AISI-321 steel, hardening curves were constructed based on the Hall-Petch equation for the base state of the material at a grain size of 1500 nm and for two UFG states (with grain sizes of 700 and 200 nm). To simulate the properties of irradiated AISI-321 steel, plastometric tests were performed using uniaxial compression of cylindrical samples at constant values of the strain rate of 1 s-1 and the temperature of 20°C on the “Gleeble 3800” plastometric unit. Fast neutron fluence with the following values was selected as a variable parameter: 0.5∙1018 n/cm2, 1∙1018 n/cm2, 0.5∙1019 n/cm2, 1∙1019 n/cm2. The maximum operating pressure of 340 MPa was used as a static load. The simulation results showed that for both parts, the use of the material in the UFG state is the most appropriate solution.



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