Planning and analysis of materials handling processes in production company using modelling and simulations

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, Kosovo


In this paper is presented the method of planning and analysis of the materials handling line in one production company. The method consists of design, simulations, and analysis with the support of Arena simulation software. The design of the line is accomplished using modular modelling with interconnected modules and blocks, and simulations will be carried out to view the flow of boxes with materials and the functionality of main units and processes. The modelled line contains all the necessary units of the input processes, production and output processes, warehouses, materials handling vehicles, and the process flow of packages. Analysis will investigate key performance parameters and evaluate the functionality of the line. Production and logistics companies are implementing various software to plan and design their materials handling line, internal transports and production processes prior to the implementation and development of their plant. This enables them to plan the work, determine influential parameters and identify problems in the functionality. Results will be given in the graphical and tabular forms, which will represent the analysis of performance parameters and line efficiency.



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