Peculiarities of the correlation properties of generating functions for Walsh derivative functions used in the formation of noise-like signals

  • 1 Technical University Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


The article presents the results of researches that are a continuation of analyzes of the correlation properties of generating functions intended for the formation of derivatives of Walsh functions. The derivatives of the Walsh functions are designed to obtain pseudorandom sequences (PRS) used in the formation of noise-like signals in multichannel data transmission systems with channel division according to the shape (code) of the signal. The analysis performed showed that the correlation properties of the derivatives of the Walsh functions depend on the type of generating functions, which were the modified Barker codes – direct and inverse composite Barker codes and de Bruijn sequences. It was justified the advantage of using these signals in the development of CDMA systems in order to reduce the interference level of multiple access and to protect against unauthorized access.



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