Dose assessment of personnel neutron irradiation on high-energy accelerators using a multi-sphere Bonner spectrometer

  • 1 Laboratory of Radiation Biology, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russian Federation


A dose assessment of external neutron irradiation at high-energy accelerating complexes, where neutron energy can be in a wide range of 10-8 to 103 MeV, is important for staff radiation safety. In this case, Bonner multi-sphere spectrometers can be used to register the neutron flow. The work proposes a method for unfolding the neutron spectrum by Bonner spectrometer readings, based on the use of the detector sensitivity functions as the basic functions of decomposition of the spectrum under consideration. To find the decomposition coefficients, the system of integral Fredholm equations of the 1st kind is used. From a mathematical point of view, this problem is the illposed one and is solved numerically using the A.N. Tikhonov regularization method. According to the received energy spectrum of neutrons, an assessment of the dose of irradiation is made at the detection locations. The results of unfolding the neutron spectrum at the JINR Phasotron and the dose to its personnel are presented.



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