• 1 Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 South-West University “ Neofit Rilski ”, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


Тhe electronic devices are everywhere in our life and for their proper performance it is very important to have them protected from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Sources of EMI could be some components of the device, nearby conductors, other devices, high voltage lines, atmosphere static discharges, etc. One of the main methods for protection from external EMI is by shielding the whole device and for this purpose are used various materials. In this paper are presented two types of materials used for EMI shielding – polyester silk with electrolysis metal coating and nitrile butadiene based compounds (NBR) containing as a filler natural magnetite. For both materials is investigated the EMI absorption for electromagnetic waves in the band (8-12 GHz) and at 2380 MHz.


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