Development of technology for manufacturing products with high mechanical strength based on aluminum oxide

  • 1 State Research and Production Powder Metallurgy Association, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 2 Belarusian State Agriculture Technical University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 3 State Scientific Institution “Powder Metallurgy Institute”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 4 SSPA “Scientific and Practical Materials Research Center of NAS of Belarus”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus


The results of development of the technology for manufacturing samples of insulators made of alumina ceramic with an aluminum oxide content of up to 95% are presented. The maximum tensile strength of the produced insulators has been investigated. The structures of the chip of the ceramic insulator surface have been obtained. It is shown that a change in the aluminum oxide content by 8-10% leads to an increase in the strength properties of the product by 1.5 times. The developed technology can be used to produce high-strength dielectric products, for example, antenna rod insulators, applied in the field of electrical engineering, radio engineering and other industries.



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