Influence of the synthesis method on the crystalline structure, phase composition and properties of TiCrFeNiCuC equiatomic alloys

  • 1 Institute for Problems of Materials Science, National Academy of Science of Ukraine,


Equiatomic alloys TiCrFeNiCuC were made by two methods of powder metallurgy – vacuum sintering and hot forging followed by annealing. In the process of sintering the TiCrFeNiCuC blanks, the influence of entropy of mixing resulted in the formation of solid substitution solutions mainly on the basis of the FCC lattice, and also formed titanium carbide (TiC0.74). In samples obtained by hot forging and subsequent annealing, two carbides TiC and Cr3C2 were found, and titanium carbide being formed with lower carbon content (TiC0.58). In addition, the forged samples showed significantly higher values of the defect of the crystalline structure, which leads to increase in their hardness.



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