Surface treatments and coatings application on the aluminum products

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania


The aim of this work is to present the influence of anodic surface treatment parameters on thickness and structure of an anodic layer formed on aluminum products.
The materials used in this study are the aluminum products from Alumil Company in Albania. The analyses of samples were performed using Optical Microscopy (Leica DMI 5000 M) for characterization of macrostructure of anodizing layer and Vickers micro-hardness (HMV-2 tester) of non-anodized aluminum products and anodized aluminum products. Aluminum product of the series A6060 are taken in Alumil Company in Albania. Comparing the results in this research (analyses) we have concluded the characteristics of anodizing layer in the aluminum product, which have improved and increase their surface and product performance.



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