Investigation of the structure and some of phase transformations in wear-resistant cast alloys

  • 1 Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy – Sofia Bulgaria


The study of phase transformation processes in wear-resistant alloys from Fe-Cr, Fe-Ni-Cr, Fe-Cr-Mn base systems has not only a fundamental, but also a practical significance, especially with regard to alloys with a chemical composition with difference from the conventional one – this is an interesting scientific and applied direction. The importance of this type of researches is motivated by fact, that in the available literature there is insufficient data on the structure and properties of non-standard iron-based materials, with variation amount of alloying elements (as well as additional alloying or modification) not only in the cast state, but also after thermal or plastic treatment. That`s why, the aim of the present study is to obtain data on alloys with the most mass application that have increased carbon and reduced chromium content relative to stainless deformable steels.



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