Structure, phase composition and hydrogen sorption properties of eutectic alloy Ti47.5Zr30.2Mn22.5 obtained using titanium sponge

  • 1 G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine - Kyiv, Ukraine


The microstructure and phase composition of the eutectic alloy Ti47.5Zr30.2Mn22.5 obtained using titanium sponge, as well as the phase composition of hydrogenation product were investigated by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray phase analysis. It was found that when iodide titanium was completely replaced by titanium sponge, the alloy structure remained eutectic and consisted of bcc solid solution and Laves phase. It was shown that after a sorption-desorption cycle the alloy was in activated state and was capable to absorb hydrogen at room temperature and low pressure (0.21 MPa) starting from the first seconds of contact with hydrogen atmosphere, with hydrogen capacity of 2.61 wt.%.



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