The impact of frequency composition of consolidation current on the structure and physical-mechanical properties of Ti-Al-C system metal matrix composites

  • 1 Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of NAS of Ukraine – Mykolaiv, Ukraine


The impact of industrial frequency (50 Hz) current with the voltage of U = 10 V while using the Field Activated Pressure Assisted Synthesis (FAPAS) method as well as the impact of superposition of direct and alternating (with 10 kHz frequency) currents with the voltage of U = 2 V while using Spark Plasms Sintering (SPS) method on the phase composition, structure and properties of Ti-Al-C system metal-matrix composites, consolidated from the powder mixtures, prepared by high voltage electric discharge, is experimentally studied. It is shown, that using SPS and FAPAS methods allows synthesis of materials, dispersion-strengthened by phases of TiC and Al4C3 carbides and Ti3AlC2 MAX-phase. It is found out, that using FAPAS method allows obtainment of Ti-Al-C system composites with higher values of density, hardness and wear-resistance, than those of materials obtained by SPS due to more homogeneous structure. Such a differences can be explained by the fact that high frequency (10 kHz) current component promotes movement of disperse phase inside the matrix, which leads to the agglomeration of strengthening particles as well as to increase of obtained composite porosity up to ~ 8 %.



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