Structure and properties of chromium carbide reinforced steel matrix composites produced from powder iron-ferrochrome mixtures

  • 1 Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, NAS of Ukrane, Kyiv, Ukraine


The influence of high-carbon ferrochrome on the features of structure formation and properties of chromium carbide steels based on the Fe-FKh800 system was investigated. It was shown that the optimal combination of hardness and tensile strength with sufficient crack resistance has a carbide base of 65% Fe – 35% (wt.) FKh800. A typical microstructure of sintered carbide is a metal matrix composite consisting of chromium steel of composition close to Kh17 and double carbide (Cr0.799Fe0,201) 7C3. The effect of TiB2 additive on the structure, phase composition, mechanical and tribotechnical properties of materials based on the Fe- 35 (%,wt.) FKh800 system was also investigated. Additions of titanium borides in the amount of 0.38-1.48 (% wt.) leads to some increase in hardness, noticeable increase in the flexural strength and leads to increase wear resistance of carbidosteels.



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