Microhardness dependence of Ti-Zr alloys on time and temperature of sintering

  • 1 University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy, Croatia
  • 2 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Slovenia


Commonly used metallic biomaterials are titanium and its alloys, cobalt-based alloys and 316L stainless steel. Titanium alloys are reference materials in biomedical applications due to their desirable properties such as excellent mechanical properties and good biocompatibility. Since presence of different metals can significantly alter the properties of titanium it is usually alloyed with other metals, including the zirconium. In this work Ti-20Zr was prepared by powder metallurgy by mixing the powders in a ball mill and sintering in a tube furnace under argon atmosphere. Microscopic analysis with the light microscope showed that the porosity decreased with increasing temperature and sintering time. Scanning electron microanalysis with energy-dispersive spectrometry showed the two-phase microstructure of the sintered alloy. Microhardness was determined by Vickers method. A longer sintering time and a higher sintering temperature resulted in higher microhardness values.



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