Tribological properties of PVD nanocoatings

  • 1 Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovakia
  • 2 Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Materials Research of SAS, Slovakia


The paper presents the results of research aimed at determining selected tribological properties of PVD nanocoatings. PVD nanocoating of the 4th generation duplex nACRo4 was applied to the surface of shaped parts of molds and cores for high-pressure aluminium casting. The surfaces were laser textured with a random texture. The tribological properties of the coating were determined by measuring the friction coefficient using the Pin on Disc method at a temperature of 300 °C. Confocal microscopy was used to determine the parameters of the microgeometry of surfaces with random texture topography. The aim of this surface treatment was to analyse the adhesion effect of commercially used ones of lubricants in the technology of treatment of shaped parts of molds when casting aluminium alloys under high pressure on machines with a cold filling chamber. By checking the integrity of textured surfaces with deposited with the duplex PVD coating of the 4th generation nACRo4, no damage to the integrity of the deposited material was detected PVD coating. Elements forming the PVD coating were detected on the surface by semiquantitative EDX microanalysis.



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