The role of traffic signalization on reduction of accidents on the Croatian roads

  • 1 University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Czech Republic
  • 2 University of Zagreb, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Science, Zagreb, Croatia


Safety of all road users on the roads is one of the fundamental social objectives. Measures for improvement or remediation of dangerous sites (black spots) in Croatia are carried out in several phases, from planning the envisaged measures, valuation measures, the implementation of measures to observation and assessment derived measures. Certain dangerous places are repaired only by changing traffic signalization and those sites and measures are described in this paper. In last eight years on the roads in Croatia, 215 dangerous places were repaired and partial restoration was carried on the 46 dangerous places. The success of provided measures, expressed through an analysis of the number and consequences of accidents on dangerous places for three years before and three years after restoration, shows the drastic reduction in traffic accidents on this places. The conclusions and solutions of these measures are presented in this paper.



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