• 1 Institute “Kirilo Savic”, Belgrade, Serbia


The car is prevalently considered as a technical system that produces costs and pollution, also as a source of exhausted parts and recycled raw material. In the course of entire life cycle it seriously deteriorates natural balance to the extent to appear as a threat to overall ecological biodiversity on the Earth. Due to mass production and use what includes building-in vast number of materials and component that yield adverse effects on human health, engine cars has become one of major problems of today.
The management of secondary waste requires an established flow of integrated information as well as an complementary system of knowledge and methods regarding landfill remnants reduction and adequate treatment of useful materials. Global automotive industry incites development of national economies and integrates contemporary achievements in the areas of techniques, technology and other scientific disciplines. Thus, the aspects of energy efficiency, waste recycling and environment protection sustainable development environmental shall be taken into account in car designing and production.


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