• 1 Institute of Mechanics and Machinery, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Gödöllő, Szent István University, Hungary


The widely used metal rolling bearings are only suitable for use in a process fluid by solving serious difficulties in sealing.
Process fluids (water, alkali or acid fluids, apple juice, wine or perhaps milk…) have an adverse effect on the operation of bearings. In these cases, on the one hand the occurring corrosive effects must be expected as well as the inadequate lubrication of bearings. By now, due to the large development of materials science and manufacturing processes bearings with plastic outer and inner race and some kind of aseptic rolling element (e.g. glass, acid-resistant steel or ceramic) have appeared in the areas of rolling bearings. In the Institute of Mechanics and Machinery of Gödöllő Szent István University there are studies conducted as to how these bearings made of non-standard materials behave in different process fluids.


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