Reinforced with fullerenes composites based on metallic matrices

  • 1 Department of Disperse Systems Pulse Treatment, Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Mykolaiv 54018, Ukraine
  • 2 Center of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, University of Rzeszow, 1 Pigonia Str., 35-959 Rzeszow, Poland


A new technological approach to obtain anti-friction dispersion-hardened by nanoparticles materials based on of TiC – AlC – and FeC alloys with inclusions of the Cn0 (n=6 or 7) phases which characterized by high heat resistance, strength and durability for use in aircraft and rocket technology, is presented. Elemental powders of Al–Ti–С and Fe–Ti–С systems are used as base objects for development of new composite materials by high voltage electric discharge treatment in kerosene (dispersion, activation and synthesis). In effect, as shown micro-Raman data, these systems contain refractory components (fullerenes, carbides), MAX-phases of Ti-Al-C system with increasing thermo-stability, strength and wear resistance while maintaining ductility how can it be predicted.



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