Titanium hydride, metal-matrix composites, titanium carbide, titanium boride, multilayered, microstructure, powders

  • 1 Mechanical Engineering Department – Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey


Titanium diboride reinforced iron matrix composites were produced via powder metallurgy techniques. Iron powder (<10 microns) and titanium diboride powder (<10 microns) were mixed in a ball mill and the powder mixture was cold compacted in a steel die at 550 MPa pressure. Amount of titanium diboride that was added into iron was in 3-10 wt %. Sintering was performed at 1120 oC for 30 minutes in argon atmosphere. Sintered samples were subjected to three-point bending tests, hardness measurements and microstructural examinations.
It was found that the hardness of the composites increases significantly with the increase in the amount of titanium diboride addition. Hardness of unreinforced iron was 50 Brinell 10 and that of 10 % titanium diboride reinforced composite increased to 100 Brinell 10. On the other hand, there was a decrease in the bending strength and strain of the composites, with increasing titanium diboride addition. Bending strength of unreinforced iron was 850 MPa and that of 10 % titanium diboride reinforced composite decreased to 350 MPa.



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