Composite polymeric materials modified by nanodispersion functionalized particles

  • 1 Grodno State University named after Yanki Kupaly-Grodno, Belarus,
  • 2 Synthetic Rubber Research Institute - St. Petersburg, Russian Federation,
  • 3 Ioffe Institute- St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


The paper considers the impact of functionalized nanosized carbon particles on the physicomechanical characteristics of composite materials based on polyamides. The concentration of the modifier varied both in the field of “doping” concentrations and in the field of concentrations used in the industrial production of nanocomposite materials based on polymer matrices. It was found that the use of cryogenic treatment of the initial polyamide leads to an increase in physical and mechanical characteristics. The introduction of nanodispersed particles in the field of “doping” concentrations increases the strength and hardness of the developed compositions based on a polyamide matrix.



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